Diamond Flap disc/wheels
Electroplated diamond grinding discs is newly developed. Excellent removing performance. I...Read More
EdgeMaxx™ grinding, polishing wheel, cup wheel
Material:metal, ceramic For use on concrete,dry or wet use Size:4’’,5’’,7’’...Read More
“Sharpmaxx” 5-step new hybrid concrete floor polishing
Multipurpose function fast scratch removal and polishing...Read More
“STCD”Super true ceramic diamond polishing pad/dry
For use on concrete,terrazzo,wet or dry use Works well on hard,medium,and soft concrete.A...Read More
About Us
Raizi Tool Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier who mainly focuses on diamond tools, wet polishers and floor grinding machines for stone fabrication, concrete floor restoration and stainless steel grinding industry in China. From the beginning of foundation, we position ourselves on high quality level but reasonable pricing all the time. After ten years of operations on the market, we have obtained widespread customer satisfaction and achieved great success through its reputation for excellence, top-notch quality and impeccable service. Raizi tools have gone through the certificates issued by professional institute, such as GS and CE . More than 70% diamond tools and wet polishers have been exported to US, Latin America, South America, Europe, Africa, South East Asia and other countries in the past 10 years. Our brief is “Good tools, easy work.” Please give us a chance, we will offer you a copy of satisfaction. Read More