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Raizi Tools

We Research

At Raizi Tool, we understand that the technology never stops going forward, so neither do we. We put our time and cost in developing more and more new quality  wet polishers and diamond tools especially in concrete floor polishing pads.
With our passion, our experience and our people, Raizi Tool is committed to continuous development of new products including diamond tools and concrete floor grinding tools, concrete floor polishing pads and better air wet polisher, electric wet polisher, tube belt sander and so on every year. The active investment into research and development will be a key factor for our future success.

 We Manufacture

With our own manufacturing facility, professional testing station, we have substantial control over the quality, the production cost and the lead time. Our customers are more comfortable and competitive because they can rely on us for high quality tools with well-controlled cost and on-time delivery.

 Together, We Make It Happen

At Raizi Tool, we believe that high quality, excellent service and affordable prices should be offered to customers at the same time. This is a challenging work, but we are committed to making it happen. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions for us, and we look forward to working together with you in the near future.


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