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Raizi Tools

  Established in 2006, Raizi Tool Co., Ltd is a young but responsible team full of passion who mainly focus on  stone fabrication tools and grinding and polishing tools for polished concrete in Dongying, Shandong, China. At the moment, Raizi owns around 80 employees, including 70 well-trained and skilled workers in the production line and 5 quality control supervisors. With workshop covering 10,000 M2, Raizi gains monthly diamond tools production capacity of above 300,000 pieces. Over 85% of our products are exported to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Middle East and other countries.


Raizi Tool began to produce diamond tools especially diamond polishing pads and wet polisher for stone fabrication in 2007. In 2010, Raizi Tool began to develop new product line on diamond tooling for polished concrete. Our innovated and exclusive products include Ceramic Polishing pad for floor polishing transition, new hybrid polishing pads for original concrete color presentation, High gloss resin bond floor polishing pads.


Raizi R&D department is committed to tools for stone, polished concrete, floor restoration and cooperates with Shandong University and professional technicians from Europe. With Artisan Spirit, Raizi Tool can not only bring top quality tools consistently, but also owns technical innovation ability to face and solve different problems from customers.  


We are committed to being your long-term partner with win-win principle. Aiming to be the global leader of grinding and polishing technology and the most valued supplier of diamond tools.

Our aim is to create green high-technology tools in stone, concrete and stainless steel polishing industry. We focus on these 3 industry tools, stone tools fabrication, concrete contractors and stainless steel finish.    We focus on developing high quality but economic price for every stone fabricators and concrete contractors , and try to make your life be more saving and comfortable.


Overall, you can find our management idea is High-technology, Environmental Protection and Less cost. Based on this management idea, we have developed three series tools.

Main Product Category:


1.    Diamond Tools for Granite, stone fabrication

2.    Power tools for Granite, stone fabrication

3.    Diamond Tooling for polished concrete including

PCD Scraper;

Diamond Grinding Segments, Plates, Shoes, wheels and blocks;

Diamond Polishing pads for concrete floor polishing.

4.    Stainless Steel Finish


 ISO9001 Management


 Process Management guarantees steady and efficient work.

1.  Process management to control consistent quality to avoid any mistakes;

2.  Systematic work procedure keeps production lines stable and efficient;

3.  Detailed file-keeping guarantee consistent quality control and after sales service;

4. Focus on details.


Standard Quality Control


1.Full inspection standard for safety guarantee;

2. Professional testing instruments provide highly precise test data;

3. Raw Materials quality control avoid any problems before production;

4. QC for Semi-manufactured goods strengthen the process management;

5. Strict Final quality control guarantees perfect finished products.



Strong Production Ability and high output


1. Totally 100 skilled workers;

2. Quality raw materials suppliers;

3. OEM&ODM: Production ability to guarantee the volume orders timely;

4. Customization available.

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