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We compare Premium Super True Ceramic Diamond Dry Polishing Pads and Standard Super True Ceramic Diamond Dry Polishing Pads for opening soft concrete floor surface.
We tested our concrete tools for Self-leveling floor on two different sites by different grinder recently.
4 inch /100mm New Design Diamond Polishing Pads for granite and dark color stone. The diamond polishing pads can last considerably longer than traditional wet polishing pads. Grit is #50-3000 .
High Quality and Beautiful   New   White Resin Wet and Dry  Polishing Pads are   last considerably longer than traditional dry polishing pads. Grit is #50-3000
High Gloss concrete  resin  pad is  3" diameter floor polishing pad for  a pad with a resin and metal delivery system. The unique design of this diamond polishing pad for concrete and natural stone allows the pad to offer a square foot yield of up to 10,0
STCD - Super True Ceramic Diamond ,  is maindly used to remove the deep scratches left by metal grinding easily and efficiently.
high efficiency and save cost -your first and unique choice !
We participated in the 2017 China Xiamen Stone Fair, which is one of China's most influential stone exhibition. In March each year, national professional stone industry suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and end-users gathered in Xiamen.
We participated in the World of Concrete 2017(WOC2017) in Las Vegas of United States, which is one of world's most influential concrete exhibition.
Raizi Tool Co.,LTD Chinese New Year Vacation from 27th, Jan, 2017 to 2nd, Feb, 2017.
Buy one set either  Ceramica ES™ polishing pads or  Ceramica Pro™ polishing pads now ! You can get a free thin flexible rubber backer up pads!!!