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Standard Wet Polishing Pad

Standard Wet Polishing Pad

Item No.: SWPP-004
Standard Wet Polishing Pads can bring high quality results with every wet granite polishing pad. It combines reliability and performance which has made the Diarich™ Wet Diamond Polishing System our most popular pad for Granite
wet use only

Standard Flexible Wet granite Polishing Pads

  • Standard Flexible wet granite polishing pads are designed with straight or curved slots, so they could be bent or distorted easily. The wet diamond polishing pads are backed with loop Velcro. So they could be attached to rubber/aluminum backer pads easily.

  • The wet polishing pads are used for fabrication of stone, marble, granite, quartz, ceramic and other engineered stone as well as non-iron metal. The polishing pads are widely used to polish stone, porcelain, tile floors and all kinds of countertops made of natural stone or concrete.

  • The wet polishing pads working layer thickness is 2.8mm, 3mm 

  • The wet polishing pads are suitable for electric/pneumatic wet polisher with power 750W to 1500W. The wet polishers speed are variable from 500 rpm to 4500 rpm.

  • Flexible diamond Polishing Pads attached to the Flexible rubber Backer pads are used for polishing stone profiles, concave or convex surfaces as well as flat surface of stone; while attached to the rigid backer pads are perfect for polishing even surfaces.

  • The wet polishing process:

  •  Stick the flexible polishing pads on a rubber backer pads and screw into a wet polisher, put some pressure on the wet polisher machine to polish stone surface for five times come-and-go, at the same time, feed water on the countertops continuously during the operation.

  •  Change a finer wet polishing pad and repeat the work. The grits of wet polishing pads are from #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500, #3000 to white/black buff in turn.

  • According to the stone quality and operator experience, it could be cut down or save some positions of the pads. White buff is used for light color stones and black buff for dark color stones. Each of grit is easily distinguished by different Velcro color and the grit number mark on the pad.

  • The wet polishing pads are used with water feed during the polishing operation, so they are   called wet polishing pads.

  • Measly water is needed from #1500 to #3000. For the polishing buff, only less water is needed to wet the stone surface. This would bring more friction resistance and enough temperature on the surface of stone. Then stone surface is easily to be wiped off because of intenerate caused by momentary high temperature. But the stone couldn't be polished by dry with too long time, or it will result in burning or pigmentation. If burning appears, the worker must do work over again from #200 at least, and if the pigmentation appears, it must be from #400.

  • Most popular wet diamond polishing pads are for polishing granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, artificial stone, concrete, ceramic tiel.

  • Aggressive with great final finish

  • Flexible for polishing OG as well as straight edges

  • Professional grade wet pads used by many stone fabricators


Item No.





4”/100mm standard wet pad, #50



4”/100mm standard wet pad, #100



4”/100mm standard wet pad,#200



4”/100mm standard wet pad,#400



4”/100mm standard wet pad,#800



4”/100mm standard wet pad,#1500



4”/100mm standard wet pad,#3000



4”/100mm standard wet DF-- white



 4”/100mm standard wet DF-- black