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Raizi Tools

polished concrete tools and stone fabrication tools

In concrete floor restoration industry

Raizi bring various diamond tools for surface preparation, concrete grinding and concrete polishing.

We manufacture PCD diamond Scraper inserts, diamond grinding scrapers and diamond grinding shoes.
Our newly developed ceramic diamond tools for polishing include EdgemaxxTM concrete edge finishing cup wheel, STCDTM Transitional Ceramic polishing pads for concrete“Sharpmaxx” new hybrid concrete floor polishing pad and resin bond floor polishing pads. 
All of the diamond tools are used on concrete floor grinders and concrete floor grinding machines.


polished concrete tools


In stone fabrication industry

Raizi bring high quality cost-effective wet polisher, wet grinder & wet cutter,
diamond tools for stone fabrication and granite, marble and concrete floor restoration,
auxiliary tools in stone seam setter, mitre clamp, stone slab lifter and sink hole saver.

Used for concrete grinding, honing and polishing, engineered stone polishing, granite polishing and marble polishing.
Raizi Tool is proud of the quality of Diamond Polishing PadsDiamond Grinding Cup WheelsDiamond Router BitsDiamond hand profilers or Diamond Hand Router BitsDiamond Core Drill BitsStone wet Polishers and Grinders and so on.


stone fabrication tools


In stainless steel industry

Raizi bring many choices of tube belt sanderpipe belt sanderfillet weld grinder and cordless tube belt sander.