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Raizi Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Grinding and Polishing System
  • Raizi Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Grinding and Polishing System

Raizi Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Grinding and Polishing System

RAIZI Team just finished a project of epoxy terrazzo floor step by step with new grinding and polishing system. It is different from traditional polishing process. All steps except the final polishing are done by dry working with industrial vacuum cleaner

Theme: Grinding and polishing Epoxy terrazzo floor
Floor type: Epoxy Terrazzo Floor
Date: 5th-9th,Sep,2018
Location: Dining Room, Dongying, Shandong, China

Floor Grinding Machine:
Husqvarna PG820
ASL T7 Floor grinder
Diamond Tools:
3 Husqvarna GE-Red Series Redi-lock Metal Diamond grinding pads 
3 inch Standard-STCD ceramic pads 
3 inch Epocon concrete polishing pads

Before we go to the formal polishing steps, let us know what is epoxy terrazzo flooring.
Epoxy Terrazzo flooring is a nominal 1/4″(6.5mm) or 3/8″(9.5mm) thick resin matrix veneer placed upon a level concrete slab; Also can be specified with glass, synthetic, or granite aggregates in lieu of marble to provide brilliant colors or chemical resistance; The best “thin-set” system.

Step 1 
Husqvarna PG820 floor grinder machine ready: Use Metal bond diamond segments GERed #30 for the surface opening. Dry working


Step 2 
Use GE-Red #50 Redi-lock two button metal bond diamond segment to remove the scratches left by metal #30 segment and level the epoxy terrazzo flooring surface slowly and evenly, dry working for 2-3 passes over the floor surface:

Step 3
Use 3 inch Standard STCD ceramic diamond polishing pads grit #100 for transition dry grinding 

Step 4-6
Use grit #200 and grit #400 Standard STCD ceramic polishing pads for dry working. Control the speed within 500RPM.


It is mainly used for removing deep scratches left by metal diamond segment.
Note: Standard STCD ceramic concrete polishing pad functions as transition from Metal bond segment to resin diamond polishing pads ,

Pore filling/Grouting Process
After grinding, the floor must be cleaned and dry completely. Then use epoxy glue to grout the epoxy terrazzo floor to cover any pinholes present in the surface.

Please note:Seal the bubble holes and pore holes to make them plump and flat, it need about 6-12 hours to dry, then proceed next step.

Step 6 :
ASL T7 floor grinder ,Use #800 Epocon polishing pads, wet working 

It is very environmentally friendly and dust free by wet polishing.
The effect as follows:

Usually Epoxy terrazzo floor can be achieved the desired effect after Epocon 800 grit, Smooth surface, uniform texture, delicate…..
But if you want a mirror finishing, please go ahead with #1500 -#3000 Epocon wet polishing pads, and finally you can see as follows:

So a complete polished epoxy terrazzo floor solution is :

Final Step: Sealing
Use sealing protector chemicals to seal all the small pores and holes that makes the epoxy terrazzo floor surface more resistant to water, chemicals, oil, grease, acids, and solvents. This process also adds the surface gloss level.