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Raizi Epoxy terrazzo floor Paving,grinding and polishing Solutions on site

Raizi Epoxy terrazzo floor Paving,grinding and polishing on site

Theme: Epoxy terrazzo floor Paving,grinding and polishing--upgraded solutions
Time: 5-9th,Step,2019
Location: Dongying, Shandong, China.
Concrete: Epoxy terrazzo floor installation and polishing
Machine Brand: Husqvarna PG820+ Husqvarna DC6000 ,Asl T7 .
Diamond tools : Redi lock Metal bond  grinding  segment / 3 inch ceramic pads /4 inch epoxy terrazzo pads

RAIZI  Team  just finished a project of epoxy terrazzo floor  by Unpgraded Ceramic pads. Professional polished concrete contractor finished the job step by step as following
For paving 

Step 1 #30 Metal diamond grinding segment Dry : opening epoxy terrazzo floor surface ,

Step2  #50  Redi lock  two button segment dry grinding 

Step 3-5  #100 200 400 standard ceramic concrete diamond  polishing pads  for dry grinding 

Note: ceramic concrete diamond polishing pad is transitioal form Metal bond segment to resin ,
It is mainly used for removing deep scratches by metal . lifetime and not very sharper than metal bond grit 100-400 . 

 step 6#800  epoxy terrazzo floor wet polishing pads 

If you mirror finishing, please go ahead
step 7-8 #1500 -3000