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Wave type segment granite bridge saw blades
  • Wave type segment granite bridge saw blades

Wave type segment granite bridge saw blades

Item No.: Wave-SBlade
Revolutionary Wave shaped segment design allows for fast cutting and longer life
- Chip free cutting
- High diamond concentration
- Wet use
- Natural and man-made stone cutting
Product parameters
Outer Diameter: 14"(350mm), 16"(400mm), 18"(450mm), 20"(500mm)
Thread/Bore: 50/60
Number of Segment: D350x24S,D400x28S,D500x36S
Segment Height:
Usage(Dry/Wet): Wet
Application: Granite, Engineered stone

Wave shaped segment Granite Bridge Saw Blades

Wave shaped segment Diamond bridge saw blades for cutting granite and engineered stone slabs require quality in their engineering and manufacturing. The wave shaped segment Diamond Bridge Saw Blades come with a silent core and are optimized to work with low and high powered bridge saws.

Each blade has been carefully manufactured with the highest diamond concentration to be as effective as possible. Qualities that you will see when you use a diamond blade from us:

  • - Chip free cutting
  • - High diamond concentration
  • - Wet use
  • - Natural and man-made stone cutting.

Fabricator's Tip: If you are having difficulty with your cutting process, make sure you have the correct size blade to match the RPM of your saw. Here is the formula to calculate using the s.f.p.m. (surface feet per minute): S.F.P.M.= 3.1416 (Pi) x RPM x Blade Diameter

Surface Feet Per Minute:
S.F.P.M. is 4,500 to 6,500

Engineered Stone
S.F.P.M is 4,500 to 6,500

S.F.P.M is 6,000 to 8,500

S.F.P.M. is 7,500 to 10,000

We have many types diamond saw blade, such as Granite saw blade, Marble saw blade, Tile saw blade , Bridge saw blade and so on.